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About theory8 GOLF

At theory8 golf we aim to provide premium skilled instruction and information of not only the golf swing but the game of golf as well, so that our members can experience the excitement a solid golf swing and complete game can provide them whether it be playing with friends on the weekend or competing on the biggest stages in the game!

We have developed an eight theory, or zone, program which are focus areas throughout the golfers swing that have key principles in each zone that we believe are critical to a golfers success throughout the entire swing.  Those core principles in each zone help to build solid positions leading into the next one helping improve the positions in the next zone and throughout the swing.  This approach to strengthening the fundamentals of your swing through each zone will have you building the precision and power of lasting and enjoyable swing. 

From golf instruction, course knowledge, practice session routines, games to play on the course, rules, golf style, and so much more we have something for everyone at any skill level and make it both entertaining and insightful. 

Our teams extensive background in both golf and digital media content we believe our in depth experience makes us uniquely qualified to create premium content for anyone wanting to to improve their game or enhance their knowledge in any aspect of this great game we are truly passionate about. 

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Meet The Team


BJ Szafran

BJ is a former collegiate and professional golfer who has spent much of his life training and competing at the highest of levels in the game.


Having trained under Jack Lumpkin during his junior and collegiate golfing years and later at the David Ledbetter Academy during his professional playing days he has seen and been around some of the best instruction. After his playing days BJ has done many things in the game of golf to include being the Director of Golf and Lead Instructor at a 36 hole resort facility to coaching and managing a state contending high school golf program.  


Through his extensive training of his own game, and working with his students and players, he developed his beliefs and vision of the golf swing leading to what is now the theory8 GOLF program.   

John Maginnes

John spent nearly a decade on the PGA Tour between 1996 and 2005.  He also won 3 times on what is now the Korn Ferry Tour.  Growing up in Durham, NC it was his life's dream to play on the PGA Tour.  He played collegiate golf at East

Carolina University and turned professional immediately after leaving school in 1991.  


The five years between college and his rookie year were spent playing tournaments from northern Canada to Montevideo Uruguay.  

John jokes that there aren't any books written about his PGA Tour career and "why would there be".  In that decade he lost in a playoff and had a handful of top ten finishes.  David Feherty once introduced John to Sam Torrence at a social function in the early 2000s by saying, "Sammy meet John Maginnes, he's a life long field player on the PGA Tour."  And so it was although it didn't quite last a lifetime.   


Following elbow surgery in 2004 John was asked to fill in for a couple of weeks as an oncourse reporter for USA Network who had the Thursday and Friday coverage of PGA Tour events at the time.  Although he didn't know it at the time he soon came to realize that a life in broadcasting might just be more fulfilling than fighting the inevitable decline of his game.   John's nearly 2 decades in broadcasting has taken him from the television to radio  to streaming service including PGA Tour Live where he currently walks with featured groups throughout the season.  Since 2001 he has hosted a daily radio show on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio now known as Katrek and Maginnes on Tap.  He is also a part of the SiriusXM play by play team at the Major Championships and the Ryder Cup.  "I may not have played my way on to a Ryder Cup team but I talked my way on to several," John jokes.  

John joins the Theory 8 Golf team because he believes in the message.  He believes that golf is a game and that too often golf instruction makes the game less fun.  John doesn't want anyone to mistake him for an instructor, he leaves that to BJ.  But after your lesson if you want a beer and a story he is your man.

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